Why Us

The benefits of receiving objective and regular client feedback can be extremely powerful but you need to find someone you can trust, who will take time to understand your business and create a positive impression on your clients.

Noshir Desai is an experienced business professional with significant experience of business and finance which allows him to build strong, lasting relationships with people from all backgrounds. Noshir’s experience in supporting and mentoring business helps them to grow by getting a better understanding of what clients really want and think about their products and services.

Noshir Desai
Noshir Desai, Founder, ND Consulting

So why should you use ND Consulting?

  • Experience
    We have spent over 30 years working with businesses of different shapes and sizes across a range of sectors.
  • Relationship
    We create relationships with you and your clients as we’re good at building trust and rapport with people.  It’s what we believe in and what we do.
  • Simple
    Our process is intentionally simple and easy to deal with, meaning we handle everything once you’ve made the introduction which takes the pressure off you.  We know you’re busy!
  • Reliable and Trustworthy
    Being reliable and trustworthy sounds obvious but just to be clear, it’s one of our core values and it’s how we act.  Always.
  • Value
    We offer a range of great value options, from our ‘taster offer’ to packaged deals and fixed prices for larger projects.  Come and talk to us if you’re not sure what’s best for your business – it’s what we like to do.
  • Honest Feedback
    We’re good at getting your clients to relax and talk openly so the feedback you receive will be honest and meaningful.  In our experience, we find clients are more likely to open up when talking to an independent firm like us compared to talking directly with the business owner!
  • Take Action
    We’ll work together and show you how to use the insights to grow your business.  Joint action plans will only focus on one or two key areas so they’re more likely to happen.  Using the feedback to make positive changes to your business is the key to success.
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Packaged Offer Special Rate

Do you want to increase sales, improve your reputation and stay ahead of your competitors?  Our “Packaged Offer” gives you the opportunity to run our full review process on a sample of your clients.  We will show you how to use the feedback to grow your business and all at a specially discounted rate.  To find out more download details and call us to see how we can help your business grow.