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By: Noshir Desai November 2019

Proof that client feedback increases sales!

I've talked in the past about why you should ask your clients what they really want and the benefits in taking the time to talk to them. After all, it's quicker to send a survey, text or use social media but this often feels impersonal. So in an ever increasing digital world, here's proof that there's still a place for a good old fashion conversation and when you ask the right questions in the right way, clients tell you lots of interesting things about how they really feel about your business.

Asking a simple question can be surprisingly powerful and the case study below shows what a positive impact it can have on sales:

Web designer

A web designer recently asked us to conduct a post sales review with one of his clients following the completion of a website. The client said he was extremely pleased with the overall service from the web designer but that his pricing was actually 30 - 50% lower than the two other quotes he received. This feedback was passed to the web designer who as a direct result, increased his quotes by around 30%. He won three new projects at the increased pricing within the first month which on an annual basis will generate over £20,000 of additional income!

To find out more about the benefits of understanding your clients better and how this can help your business make more money click here or, pick up the phone for a good old fashion conversation.

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