By: Noshir Desai  June 2020

Let's Do A Client Survey

We're slowly getting Covid under control (hopefully!) and businesses are starting to move towards a "new normal", right?

So what better way to kick start your business than doing a survey to find out what your clients want? It's quick and easy to set up and you'll get lots of useful information....or will you? Clients often feel over surveyed these days, getting asked for their views on everything from using their bank to booking a holiday, even when they've been to the doctor! And it's impersonal with clients increasingly sceptical that it's more about collecting data than actually improving the client experience.

We think there's a better, more personal way to find out what your clients really want and that's by having a good old fashion conversation with them. In our experience, it's all about asking the right questions in the right way and if your clients feel you're really interested in what they think, guess what, they'll tell you. Some business owners can get this powerful information themselves but it takes time. Using an independent 3rd party encourages clients to be more open and honest with feedback without the awkwardness of telling their supplier they're perhaps unhappy about something.

So if you want to find out what your clients really think, get a greater share of their business and more recommendations, give us a call as we love talking to our clients!

Let's Talk What next?

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