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By: Noshir Desai October 2018

Know Your Clients Better - Make More Money!

Some things in business apply no matter what you do and understanding your clients better to help increase sales and make more money is one of those things!

But how should you do this? Well, in an increasing world of technology and social media, talking to them and having a good old fashion conversation still works. Making the time to do this properly however, is often a challenge for many business owners.

And what sort of things do business owners need to know from their clients which could help them grow? Here are some great questions to ask for starters:

  1. What do your clients really think about your products?
  2. What do your clients like most or least about your services?
  3. Why they choose you instead of your competitors?
  4. If they would recommend you and if so, what they would say?
  5. How well does your business really understand their needs?

To find out more about how understanding your clients better can help your business grow and make more money, click on this link to watch our short 2 minute video

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