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By: Noshir Desai  August 2018

How Would Your Business Cope If You Lost Your Top Five Clients?

Summer is still with us and you may be looking forward to a holiday at last! Well deserved I'm sure, but how well does your business look after its best clients the rest of the year?

Ask yourself how would your business cope if it lost its top 5 clients? Really think about this as these are the clients your competitors are targeting through discounted prices, a more personalised service, better products or longer opening hours. All businesses spend lots of time trying to win new clients but how do they protect and get the most from their existing ones? What client retention strategy does your business have in place?

We all know it's easier to deepen, cross sell and get recommendations from our existing clients who already know, like and trust us so why is it we often take them for granted and focus our time on winning new clients?

If you want to find out how to protect and make more from your top clients, get a greater share of their business and get recommended, give us a call.

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