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By: Noshir Desai February 2019

How Do You Protect Your Best Clients?

Most businesses spend lots of time, effort and money to win new clients, but once they've got them, surprisingly little to ensure they keep existing clients happy. People who win new clients are seen as stars, but those who retain them are often the unsung heroes. But when you lose a client, it can come as quite an unpleasant surprise, particularly when you thought they were happy with your service.

So why does this happen? Some client losses are inevitable for genuine reasons outside your control. But often losing a client is due to poor communication, lack of care and attention or complacency that as they've been with you a long time, they must be happy and will stay.

We believe that keeping client relationships positive and growing involves:

  • Clarity about what’s expected on both sides
  • Always delivering on your promises
  • Regularly asking how your client is feeling about you, your service and your relationship. This is very different from talking about the next order or job. You’re checking the state of your relationship and the future prospects

Some business owners can get this high level feedback themselves, but getting honest responses and doing it well takes time and is a challenge. Many organisations prefer to involve a trusted independent 3rd party to get this crucial feedback and protect their client relationships for the future.

To find out more about how obtaining meaningful feedback can help you grow and retain your best clients, click on to watch our short 2 minute video.

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