The customer relationship mix: support, service, satisfaction, loyalty, reliability, quality and improvement

By: Noshir Desai June 2018

Are You Getting The Most From Your Existing Clients?

Most businesses spend a lot of time, effort and money winning new clients, but how do they ensure they're getting the most from their existing clients? We all know it's a lot easier to deepen and broaden relationships with clients we already work with as they know, like and trust our business.

Taking the time to step back and ask your clients what they really want can be extremely powerful and insightful. Plus, it shows you really care about your relationship and take the time to explore how you can grow this further. So think about when was the last time you asked your clients.

  1. What one thing you need to do to get a greater share of their business?
  2. What factors influence them to provide repeat orders?
  3. Would they recommend you and if so, what would they say?
  4. What you could do to improve your service?

These are just some of the areas which if you truly understand, can help deepen your existing client relationships and grow your business.

Some business owners will be able to get this feedback themselves, but doing it well takes time and is a challenge. Many organisations prefer to involve a trusted independent 3rd party to get this crucial feedback and to protect and develop their client relationships for the future.

To find out more about how understanding your clients better can help your business grow and make more money, click on this link to watch our short 2 minute video

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