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By: Noshir Desai September 2019

Does It Matter What Your Clients Say About You?

Quite simply yes it does as people rarely buy anything these days without first checking what existing clients are saying.

These days, clients have a huge amount of information and choice at their finger tips. Can you remember the last time you booked a holiday or went to a restaurant without first checking what existing customers said, unless you had a personal recommendation?

What we find is most businesses spend loads of time, effort and money trying to win new clients, but how well do they look after their existing clients? Ask yourself how your business would cope if you lost your top 5 clients? It's a lot easier to grow relationships with existing clients as they know, like and trust us so what strategy does your business have in place to protect your best clients?

Taking time to step back and ask your clients what they really think about your service can be extremely powerful. And once you've got this information, make sure you highlight it on Google, your website and social media. Some business owners can get this information themselves, but doing it well takes time and is a challenge. So many organisations prefer to involve a trusted independent 3rd party to get this crucial feedback.

Most of you know me, some of you might even like me but to find out whether you can trust ND Consulting, check us on Google or view our case-studies to see what some of our clients are saying and make sure your business also projects a positive brand image.

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