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By: Noshir Desai July 2018

Does It Matter What Your Clients Say About You?

Quite simply yes it does matter!

These days, businesses operate in a world where clients have a huge amount of information and choice at their finger tips. Just think, when was the last time you booked a holiday or went to a restaurant without first checking what existing customers said, unless you had a personal recommendation. It rarely happens as we all want to reduce the likelihood of receiving a poor product or service.

Most businesses spend a lot of time, effort and money winning new clients, but how well do they look after their existing clients? We all know it's a lot easier to grow relationships with clients we already work with as they know, like and trust our business. And prospective clients will typically check what your existing clients say about you before making a decision to buy.

Taking the time to step back and ask your clients what they really think about your service can be extremely powerful. And once you've got this information, make sure you highlight it on your website or social media. Some business owners will be able to get this information themselves, but doing it well takes time and is a challenge. Many organisations prefer to involve a trusted independent 3rd party to get this crucial feedback.

To see what some of our clients say about ND Consulting take a look at our Case Studies and, if you're interested in ensuring your business also projects a positive image, why not get in touch.

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