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By: Noshir Desai May 2019

Can Client Feedback Help Increase Sales?

Why should you bother asking your clients what they really want and are there any benefits in taking time to talk to them? After all, it's quicker to send a survey, text or use social media but this often feels impersonal. So in an ever increasing digital world, we think there's still a place for a good old fashion conversation! And when you ask the right questions in the right way, guess what, clients tell you lots of interesting stuff about how they really feel about your business.

Asking a simple question can be surprisingly powerful and have a significantly positive business impact as demonstrated in the examples below:

Business Coach

A client of an executive coach interviewed said he would consider increasing his business volumes if the coach just spent additional time getting to understand more about his business challenges. The coach did this and in only 3 months, had doubled the amount of business done with the client, generating over £5,000 of additional business


An architect wanted to understand why his conversion of pipeline business to sales was low. After talking to some of his clients, the common theme was when explaining the planning options, he was using too technical language and didn’t spend enough time going through the options using plain English. He changed his style based on the feedback and now converts around half of potential clients into sales, a significant improvement.

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