Wouldn’t it be great if clients told us what to do to get more of their business, win repeat orders and told us why they choose us instead of our competitors.

With over 30 years business and finance experience, Noshir set up ND Consulting in January 2013 to help grow your business, get more clients and keep your existing customers happy.  We focus exclusively on owner managed businesses and small to medium enterprises, providing a tailored, more personal service.  In a world increasingly dominated by social media and on-line services, we actually take the time to understand your business, talk to your clients and then succinctly summarise all the useful information your clients told us, providing practical recommendations for growth.

Experience You Can Trust

Having worked both in the UK and internationally, Noshir has a background in customer relationship management and working with key stakeholders, to help businesses grow and meet their objectives.  Noshir also has experience coaching and supporting small to medium businesses and startups.

A word from the owner

To find out about our approach, watch our video explaining how we can help your business meet its objectives.

We adopt a practical and outcomes based approach, to ensure businesses make positive changes as a result of client insights. Contact us for a free, no obligations consultation.

Watch our webinar giving useful tips and suggestions on how to maximise your engagement with clients to increase sales.

Telephone based feedback surveys

Introductory 50% Discount With Our Taster Offer

Do you want to obtain actionable insights from your clients and profit from the results?  Download our “Taster Offer” which gives you the opportunity to run our full review process on just one of your clients. We will then show you how to use the feedback to improve your visibility, build your reputation and increase the likelihood of repeat business.